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Crystal View Capital Fund IV Pending to Acquire $10 Million in Assets, Closing Deals Within 2 Weeks

Crystal View Capital Fund IV is pleased to announce the imminent acquisition of three key assets, comprising of a self-storage facility and mobile home communities, scheduled to close within the next two weeks. These acquisitions collectively contribute approximately $10 million of our ongoing $70 million acquisition pipeline.

With these pending acquisitions to join the existing Fund portfolio consisting of 7 self-storage facilities and 2 mobile home communities, new investor contributions are poised to deploy promptly upon closure.

Highlights of the three assets:

  • Upper Midwest MHC Portfolio is contracted at approximately $8,600 per lot, boasting a cap rate exceeding 10%. Recognizing the value-add potential, our team plans to leverage our in-house home sales coordination team to address the current 64% vacancy rate by introducing new and used homes to bolster occupancy. Additionally, planned CapEx projects such as road repairs and enhancing curb appeal aim to maximize returns. 

  • West Region Self-Storage Facility has an average occupancy of 98%. This asset fits our acquisition criteria based on our ability to bring rents to a market level resulting in a 35% increase in Year 1 and creating a synergistic management approach with a nearby storage facility that is within a 4 mile radius.

  • Upper Midwest MHC has an average occupancy of 98%. Our in-house management team has identified the opportunity to increase revenue within the first year by 24% along with a potential opportunity to expand the community with an adjacent parcel. 

If you are interested in investing in Crystal View Capital Fund IV, we invite you to reach out to us a and visit our website to join our mailing list for further updates on our acquisition pipeline and activity in our current portfolio.


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