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Investor Testimonials

Looking for proof of Crystal View Capital's investment success? Look no further than our satisfied investors. Read their testimonials here to learn how we've helped them achieve their financial goals.

"I am a fairly active "passive" investor as I have invested in around 40 deals (individual deals and funds) over the past 4-5 years.  A couple of years ago I was searching and researching for a great sponsor in the MHP asset class and found several that I liked.  On that list was Crystal View.  I reached out and had a great initial meeting with Allie, who answered all of my questions thoroughly.  I then did several reference calls with investors about their experience and it confirmed my own research.  Crystal View is a top-notch sponsor, very professional in all they do, and transparent.  I invested in fund 3 and thus far it has exceeded projections.  My only regret is that I didn't invest more capital.  I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a "top-shelf" sponsor in MHP/Storage.  They have excellent deal flow and just flat out perform.  I am very happy to be partnered with the Crystal View team." - Kevin

"I obviously included Crystal View Capital in my investment portfolio to make money, and I have done so.  You have high expectations for your team, and it certainly pays off:  my returns have been even better than projected...a fabulous surprise!  An even better surprise?  Every time I had a question I could call or email - it's amazing to be able to get my questions answered immediately.  With other companies, it's the automated phone maze or waiting for an email to be returned.   I find this very refreshing in an age where we don't even expect customer service anymore, let alone excellence.  I have been fortunate to meet the owners of Crystal View Capital and find them to be as hard-working as their staff - they have set the tone for a superior corporate climate." - Patrice O.

"Matt and his team have exceeded our expectations on many levels. Crystal View provides regular and transparent communication. The financial performance of Funds 2 and 3 have been top of class. We have confidence and trust in the entire CV team, and we appreciate their commitment to continuing to exceed our expectations." - Randy

"I would like to thank Matt and Jessica and the entire team at Crystal View Capital for creating a dynamic and profitable investment that is at the top of my investment portfolio. What drew me to Crystal View was the company's investment strategy of tailoring its purchases to two specific areas. They have honed their expertise in this process over the years and I have watched them grow and expand to become a very successful firm. I am happy to be associated with this organization." - Joe E.

"A standard I set when working with businesses goes back to when I operated my own companies in town. If someone didn't do what they said they'd do and when they were to do it, I'd avoid them. Matt and his team have exceeded my expectations in this regard. Honorable and timely have been their mainstay. Perfectly responsive to inquiries from me and my accounting team has been their standard operating procedure. Beginning long before CVC was formed, Matt reached me to purchase one of my industrial properties and transactionally performed as promised. I ventured into the CVC Fund I with a small commitment of under 5% of my liquidity to test the waters. Now, years later and having the chance to personally know Matt and his wonderful wife, Jessica, I've invested in 3 total funds and am up to a commitment of 90% of my liquidity. I am THAT comfortable with Matt and his team." - Ron C.

"I have invested multiple times with Crystal View, starting over three years ago.  I am consistently impressed with their ability to deliver both steady cash flow income as well as stronger overall returns upon sale of assets.  Their updates and account communications are the most informative and professional I have yet seen across the many passive investments I have participated in over the years.  Best of all, their team is approachable, responsive, and friendly, making the overall experience very positive."

- Scott

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