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Crystal View Capital Fund IV, LP

Asset Types:

Fund Target: 

Minimum Investment: 

Target Return: 

Duration of Fund:

Self-Storage & Manufactured Housing



12-15% IRR & 1.5x MOIC

10+ years, extension options*

Crystal View



Acquisitions Sourced

Vertically Integrated Platform

Management Team

Proven Track Record
of Strong Returns

Alignment of Interest
with Investors

Our Investment Strategy

Crystal View Capital considers real estate investing to be defined by minimizing downside risk and maximizing upside. In executing this strategy, the Firm's seasoned team pursues investment opportunities located throughout the United States, in specific asset classes that offer compelling risk/return propositions.


1. Target Off-Market Deals

2. Minimize Operational Inefficiencies

3. Increase Free Cash Flow

4. Maximize Yield on Investment

5. Exit & Return Capital

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